iO2PERFECT Primary Server


Required: O2PERFECT Client (Mirror)

Required: Song pack (Primary 2013) (Mirror)
Required: Song pack (Primary 2014)
Extract to folder iO2PERFECT/Music

Optional: Song pack (Lab 2013)
Optional: Song pack (Lab 2014)
Extract to folder iO2PERFECT/M_Lab

Optional: DirectDraw for O2Jam Windows 8/8.1/10 (might help graphical lag)
Extract to folder iO2PERFECT (if game crashes, delete all 3 files from the folder)

Optional: O2Jam Windower (play o2jam in window mode, not full screen)
*Not compatible with DirectDraw fix above
Extract to folder iO2PERFECT then launch the game as usual
If game crashes, try removing conflicting dll (ddraw.dll, libwine.dll, wined3d.dll).

Optional: O2Jam Windower Manual Setup (you don’t need this)

In Launcher, click “Move OJN/OJM” if you have too many songs (700+) in Music folder. (Leaving too many files in Music folder will make game crash.)

In channel selection, choose CH01 for primary, or CH05 for lab.
You have to re-login to change a channel.

If the game crashes when creating a room, you can launch the game by using play_o2pfinter_win8temp.bat (located in iO2PERFECT folder).

If you encounter a blank screen, try opening the game by right click and run as administrator.

You may need to add exceptions of folder iO2PERFECT in your antivirus software.

“No connection / Incorrect server IP” : in case server is online, verify that you are not blocked by firewall (outgoing port 593), or try changing ISP or mobile hotspot.

Our o2music download section may contain harmful programs (according to google) so, whatever.

There are 8 public IDs to login without register ID:


Password = asdf

Please do not use the public ID if you already have your own ID.