iO2PERFECT Primary Server in transit

iO2PERFECT Primary Server in transit


Required: O2PERFECT Client (Mirror)

Required: Song pack (Primary 2013) (Mirror)
Required: Song pack (Primary 2014)
Extract to folder iO2PERFECT/Music

Optional: Song pack (Lab 2013)
Optional: Song pack (Lab 2014)
Extract to folder iO2PERFECT/M_Lab

Optional: DirectDraw for O2Jam Windows 8/8.1 (might help graphical lag)
Extract to folder iO2PERFECT (if game crashes, delete all 3 files from the folder)

In Launcher, click “Move OJN/OJM” if you have too many songs (700+) in Music folder. (Leaving too many files in Music folder will make game crash.)

In channel selection, choose CH01 for primary, or CH05 for lab.
You have to re-login to change a channel.

If the game crashes when creating a room, you can launch the game by using play_o2pfinter_win8temp.bat (located in iO2PERFECT folder).

If you encounter a blank screen, try opening the game by right click and run as administrator.

You may need to add exceptions of folder iO2PERFECT in your antivirus software.

There are 8 public IDs to login without register ID:


Password = asdf

Please do not use the public ID if you already have your own ID.