*For new comer, start at FAQs page*
*In case O2Jam application crashes, uninstalling Internet Explorer 9 may fix this problem*
*For 'error 101' message, post it at shoutbox or Facebook to request restart*
*Lost Gateway ONLINE*

[Workaround] iO2PERFECT with IE9-10 / on Windows 8 : 04/September/2012 01:18:26 (UTC+7)

If you have IE9-10 installed, o2jam application may crash when loading in-game webpages.

In order to fix this, we have to create new in-game webpages to maintain compatibility with IE9-10.

Since we have no idea how to do that, there is a workaround for o2jamming, by making all webpages become inaccessible.

Download: play_o2pfinter_win8temp.bat
to iO2PERFECT folder
Double click to start.

Note that you may not able to buy items since you cannot access in-game webpages. User list and in-game shoutbox also display error.

For Windows XP users: nothing to worry about
For Windows 7 users:
if applicable, please downgrade to IE8
For Windows 8 users: you can use the suggested approach
For lost users: try VMWare? Windows Virtual PC?

*FYI, I've tested O2Jam on Windows 8 with my dell laptop. It's considered not playable due to unforgivable graphical lag. (Windows 7 has no problem, using the same graphic driver.)

Updated on05/September/2012 09:25:22

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