O2PF Ranking Mission

(NOT AVAILABLE) Ranking Missions The purpose of O2PERFECT is to get rid of players humanity. To evaluate, O2PERFECT players are divided into 5 rankings: Player, High Class, Demon, Monster, and Lost Humanity. Global Instruction 1.Clear the mission in O2PERFECT International Server 2.Post all related screenshots and descriptions by order in this page (See comment #16 below for example, … Continue reading O2PF Ranking Mission

iO2PF Policies and Rules

  Official Sites O2PERFECT International (Blog) (Main site) O2PERFECT International (O2Music) (Main download site) O2PERFECT International O2Jam (Facebook Fanpage) O2PERFECT Swarm (Facebook Community, mainly talk in Thai) Language English is a primary language. Proper/simple English is preferred. (For non-native speaker, it’s hard to understand slang English.) Local languages are allowed to use in private. For … Continue reading iO2PF Policies and Rules

O2PF Clan

Clan System   Clan name should be short (1-3 letters are preferred) because it will be displayed as a suffix of your nickname Requirement: Only High Class or higher ranking can create a new clan (At present) To create, clan leader post down your information in this entry To create a new clan, you should … Continue reading O2PF Clan