O2PF Clan

Clan System


  • Clan name should be short (1-3 letters are preferred)

    • because it will be displayed as a suffix of your nickname
  • Requirement: Only High Class or higher ranking can create a new clan
  • (At present) To create, clan leader post down your information in this entry
  • To create a new clan, you should specify:
    • 1.Clan Leader (person who creates a clan must be a clan leader)
    • 2.Clan Name (1-3 letters are preferred, or else your clan will be rejected)
    • 3.Clan Member (at least 2 players excluding clan leader)
  • Clan experience is collected from all members
  • Player’s experience is not affected (exp isn’t divided for player and for clan)
  • Exp added to clan = Exp gain from member ÷ ((Member count × 2) + 8)
  • Exp requirement for clan is identical to normal exp requirement for all players
  • No mission for level up
  • No in-game special function for clan
  • Player is allowed to join only 1 clan
  • Pirate ID cannot join any clans
  • Clan name cannot be changed later
  • Clan member can be added or removed later
  • All rings are unlocked for all clan members
  • Minimum clan member = 3 (including clan leader)
  • Maximum clan member = 8 (including clan leader)
  • All skill rings are unlocked for players that have a clan
  • If any members leave, clan exp will decrease in proportion to total member count
    • Example: 5 members → leave 2 → New Exp = Old Exp × [(5-2)/5]
  • If new members are added, clan exp will decrease in proportion to new member count

    • Example: 5 members → add 2 → New Exp = Old Exp × [(7-2)/7]



In-game Nickname System

1.Alternate Display Name (DISABLE)

  • You cannot change your nickname or display name

2.O2PF Ranking (Prefix)

  • Prefix = (Equal) = High Class
  • Prefix $ (Dollar) = Demon
  • Prefix * (Asterisk) = Monster
  • Prefix ~ (Tilde Alt+126) = Lost Humanity
  • Prefix – (Minus) = Pirate ID
  • Prefix + (Plus) = Warning!

3.Country (Prefix)

  • Country abbreviation (2 lowercase letters) is displayed as prefix.

4.Clan (Suffix)

  • If player is a clan member, clan name will be displayed as suffix



Nickname: Haunt
Country: Thailand (th)
Ranking: Lost Humanity (~)
Clan: ABC