O2PF Ranking Mission

Ranking Missions
The purpose of O2PERFECT is to get rid of players humanity. To evaluate, O2PERFECT players are divided into 5 rankings: Player, High Class, Demon, Monster, and Lost Humanity.
Global Instruction
1.Clear the mission in O2PERFECT International Server
2.Post all related screenshots and descriptions by order in
this page (See comment #16 below for example, but don’t copy from that comment since it’s outdated.)
3.DO NOT use the same song in each mission
4.Only iO2PERFECT Normal IDs (approved IDs) can be ranked
5.Lower ranking mission may be skipped if players can accomplish a higher one (No prerequisite)
6.Use your own skill. DO NOT let someone use your ID, or clear any missions for anyone. Any related IDs will be DELETED!
7.Choose the available ranking that closest to your skill, or you may be tagged as FAKE
8.DO NOT cooperate with player you fight to. Player should use his full skill just like how he plays the game normally. It’s your quest to somehow make up your score to meet the specific requirement.*Note that Ranking Mission can be revised occasionally.

Reward Items
1.High Class: Announcer (a.k.a. speaker)
2.Demon: Announcer + Yellow Pencil + “3rd”
3.Monster: Announcer + Green Pencil + “2nd”
4.Lost Humanity: Announcer + Red Pencil + “1st” (Big Boss will receive “iO2PF Big Boss” item)
5.All Rankings: All songs are unlocked (Read Policies, Rules, and Unlock Summary for some exceptions)


1.High Class


Clear 5 Songs below in HARD mode. (5 Screenshots)
%E – XT
Earth Quake
Electro Fantasy HD
End of Fight
Gaussian Blur
Identity Part II
Kan Kan Riverdance-HD
Phase 1

Clear 3 missions below. (10 Screenshots)
1) Clear 7 Songs below:

30 A Wonder in Madrid
34 Explosive 3: Fuego
34 Winter Sun(Explosive IV)
35 Burning Advent Absolute
35 Go Berzerk
35 Temptation
36 Kolibre Spasm
38 Every End
38 Ubertreffen Style
40 [SHD]Mad Moon Sonata
41 Fire Dance
41 The Storm
44 AtlanCHIs (NX)
56 P.S-Plastma Strike
57 [SHD]Out of Control
86 Alpha Century IV

2) Clear Lv.55 Contra [Full Version] NX or HX while getting COMBO≥500 andGOOD≤1,0003) Beat 1 Demon of iO2PERFECT (2 Screenshots)

-Save a screenshot when finish playing (end of last note), AND a screenshot of scoreboard
-Use any song IN THIS LIST
   : (1) Song from High Class Mission
: (2) Level 30-34 & Note Count 1900-2600

-Both you and selected Demon must clear that song
-Either your COOL or COMBO is higher than Demon’s
-In case you play with many players, you must be the winner with the highest COOL or COMBO
FAKE Demon is acceptable to choose, but this can lead you to become a FAKE Demon in some cases
-Beating player from another rankings will not be considered



Clear all 8 missions below. (15 Screenshots)

(DEFAULT: HARD mode)1) Clear 2 songs below with at least 75% COOL:
    45 V3(Reincarnated)HD
47 [SHD]Open Your Mind
48 [SHD]Shuffle Heaven
51 Marisa Stole the Precious Mahjong Things
62 Canon Rock
    63 [SHD]White Tiger
  133 Hare Hare Yukai (Euro Mix)

2) Clear 2 songs below with at least 85% COOL:
    33 Ubertreffen
33 Waxing And Waning
34 Moonlight Rave

    35 Matador
36 Evans
39 Okkusenman
40 Thief Marisa -Code Mix-
3) Clear 2 songs below:
    45 LOVE [COOL>1315]
80 [SHD]End of Fight (NX) [BAD+MISS<50]
84 Electro Fantasy [SDHD] [COMBO>750]
4) Complete 3 songs below with FULL COMBO:
    27 Contra
27 RoseHoliC_ET.Ver (NX)
28 Jammin`
29 Colors
31 [SHD]Fly Magpie!
33 [SHD]Future World
35 Magnificent Dance Party
53 Croatian Piano Piece Finale

5) Complete 2 songs with FULL COMBO and at least 90% COOL whileCOMBO>2,600

6) Clear 1 song with at least 15% COMBO while GOOD≤150 andScore>2,000,0007) Clear Lv.66 AtlanCHIs with at least 250 COMBO while BAD+MISS<60

8) Beat 1 Monster of iO2PERFECT (2 Screenshots)

-Save a screenshot when finish playing (end of last note), AND a screenshot of scoreboard


-This mission aim is to copy target’s COOL&COMBO, while getting higher score
-Use any song IN THIS LIST
   : Level 40-60 & Note Count ≥ 2,500
-Both you and selected monster must clear that song
-In case you play with many players, you have to WIN that battle
-Beating player from another rankings will not be considered
|Your COOL – Monster’s COOL| < 10% of Total Note Count
(Difference between your COOL and monster’s COOL is less than 10% of total note count)

|Your COMBO – Monster’s COMBO| < 10% of Total Note Count
(Difference between your COMBO and monster’s COMBO is less than 10% of total note count)
-Note that your COOL/COMBO can be higher or lower than monster’s
Total Note Count = 2500 → 10% = 250
Then the differences of COOL AND COMBO of you and monster should be lower than 250
Case 1: COOL 2000 vs 2150 = 150, COMBO 2000 vs 1800 = 200 → OK
Case 2: COOL 2000 vs 2150 = 150, COMBO 2000 vs 1750 = 250 → FAIL (COMBO Variance Fail)
Case 3: COOL 2000 vs 2300 = 300, COMBO 2000 vs 1800 = 200 → FAIL (COOL Variance Fail)
Case 4: COOL 2000 vs 2300 = 300, COMBO 2000 vs 1750 = 250 → FAIL (COMBO&COOL Variance Fail)


4.Lost Humanity
– Season 1 Ended –
Not available until season 2

5.O2PF Machine
Clear both missions below:
1.Beat all Lost Humanities with any hard songs:
-Collect at least 2 Lost Humanities (excluding you) in each battle
-Save a screenshot when finish playing, and a screenshot of scoreboard
-Gain highest combos and COOLs among Lost Humanities
-Need 15 victories from all Lost Humanities
2.Do something like this:

9. Earth Quake


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